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"My maps are free. If you purchased them, you got scammed."
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What is New ?


February, 2023

Feb 5

Well, level 03 is going to take some time before I add it to this site as I never finished converting it to CC3. And some of the maps have problems.

Feb 4

Navigation menus updated.

Glossary added and completed.

Room descriptions for level 01 rooms are completed.

Adding room descriptions to Dwarf Home level 01.

Feb 3

Site navigation menus have been updated to cover the below changes.

Dwarf Home area maps page has been updated. Two more maps.

Information about level 01 Dwarf Home has been updated to include x-number items. Dwarf Home Level two html page is complete.

Working on level 2 of Dwarf Home. So the front page may change.

Feb 2

Dwarf Home Level one html page is added, and links should all work. Shows all of level one as a set of 9 thumbnails.

Adding the old dwarf Home level/room maps back in.

January, 2023

Jan 22

Updated maps: Northern Islands group, Shalia Island, Spill Island, Star Island, Tala-Tok Island, Tanra and Kolosh Islands, Tantalow Island, and Tulah Islands.

Jan 20

Fixed and uploaded most maps in Dank Forest.

Jan 19

Fixing the site up a bit. Adding maps and text.

Some of the maps are upside down. I’ll fix that. And other maps need fixing as well.

Jan 11

Working on more maps.

July, 2022

July 14

Fixed the navigation menus.

Jul 12

Updated the FAQ page.

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