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Tantalow's Island Group Population and General information


Total population is about 120,000 in the villages, towns, and cities. This doesn’t
include monsters. Single tree symbols represent a small area of trees, from
1-10 acres.

Tantalow’s Island is about 260,000 square miles
Cities: Wasto (15,000 seaport) ; Shessor ( 18,000 seaport) ;
Chelo (19,000 capital)

Towns: Lower ( kinda near Lower Dhin Mts. ) (4,000) ;
Upper (near Dhin Mts.) (4,500) ; Sta (3,600)

Villages: Field (2,000) ; Seltah ; Oro (2,450) ;
Seko (2,000) ; Yell (2,600)

Small villages: Kha (1,200) ; Sedo (1,100) ; Blue (900)

Star Island is about 14,700 square miles
City: Yeg (9,000) ; Town: Sea Star (3,000)

Villages: Gert (2,300) ; Rak (450) ; Setto (750) ; Keep: Sarn and 3 watch towers

Sea Star is the seaport ; Yeg has only an easily defended port area for resupply.

Beggar Woods is about 30 miles across.

Spill Island is about 9,800 square miles
City: Way Ton (7,000) ; Town: Way Ut (3,000)

Village: Spill (1,950) ; several small planting/harvest villages

Way Ut is the sea port. Way Ton has no ships.

The smaller villages on these islands have from 150-325 people. Some of the hommlets, with a population of 50 and under, are there mainly as planting and harvest villages. There are caretakers, with the population increasing as folks arrive to plant crops or harvest food grown here. There are also many hommlets of less than 100 people that are not mapped.

Dar goes from Tarag Castle, Dar Castle, then Wasto past Field and Danno Castle and
ends at a watch tower

Tago goes from the west end of Tantalow’s Island past Yell,
Monto Crater, over the Great River, past Oro, over Loner River
and over to Sedo, Lower, and Kha, past Chelo and Karno Keep,
and ends at Tago City.

Lower Tago is less traveled. It goes from Tago Road over the
lower Loner River, to Blue, then lower Great River and stops
near the coast towards a lonely watch tower. For some reason,
many folks act like its unlucky to travel on Lower Tago Road.

Star and Spill Islands roads are unnamed.

Passages to Grand Harbor: While all 3 easily accommodate ships, Dar is over 3,000 feet deep. Strange rip currents can cause problems in Dar Passage for all but the sturdiest of ships.

one acre is: 4,840 sq yards; 43,560 sq ft.; 1/640 sq mi. For purposes of acres on these islands, they are 200’ × 217.8’. One acre equals 0.4047 hectares.

a few Distances:
Seko Village to Taro Road: about 50 miles

Lower Tago Road bridge to Blue village: 20 miles

From Lower to Upper: 50 miles

Lower Dhin Mountains to Dhin Mountains: about 25 miles

From Sta to the tower at the end of Dar Road: about 100 miles ( no road)

Sarn Keep around to Sea Star: 130 miles

watch tower to Sarn Keep: 30 miles

Seko to Yell: 33 miles across the fields ; by road 87 miles

Upper to Tarn Keep: 80 miles

Monto Crater to Yell: 45 miles ; Sedge Keep is downwind of Monto

Blue to Oro: 40 miles

Seltah to Tago Road: 25 miles

Gap between parts of Seko Forest: 50 miles

River sizes
Great River is 225 miles long

Rowing River is 230 miles long.

Tah River is about 60 miles long

X River is about 30 miles long

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