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Southern Hemisphere, sketch map


This is a 2000 pixel wide jpg ‘sketch’ map of the Southern Hemisphere. The starting areas for my game world.

I wanted to change hemispheres for my players, and North at the bottom, so they would realize Crestar isn’t a parallel Earth.

The continent is named Belshar.

Nation links:

Burlan, City-State | Dank Forest | Dukedom of Fortuity | Dukedom of Martyrs | empty lands | Free City of Bluening | Gashtra | Inner Ocean | Isle of Fools | Kingdom of Ladtodquill | Outer Ocean | Plains of Dareth | The Great Open | Trillolara | Trono| Wildlands

Note that the ‘Inner Passage’ is a mistake that the mappers on Crestar made.

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