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Sara's General Store in Meldale, Dank Forest


This is the Sara’s General store in Meldale, Dank Forest.

Owner: Sara Tisyan human female NG leather jerkin AC 7, dagger

Clerks: Shara Darna human female NG, George Darna human male NG, Tia Shela helf-elf female NG each clerk wears a leather jerkin AC 7, and has a dagger.

Guards: Bill Karan, male human with chain, shield, dagger, long sword ; Suna Chara, human Monk 5

arrows, normal 12 for 15 silver, 1 for 3 sp
, silver 1 gp each

bow, long 47 gp
crossbow, light 15 gp

new bow or crossbow strings 1 sp each

axe, battle 5 gp

backpack, canvas 15 gp
banded armor 80 gp
belt 4 sp

candle, tallow 2 cp

( melt easily in summer heat)

chain mail 75 gp
cloak, normal 6 sp
, winter 25 gp

dagger 1 gp

grapnel, iron 5 gp
, iron and leather covered 12 gp

hammer, war 3 gp
hat 8 sp to 8 gp

javelin 12 sp

leather armor 8 gp

lantern, bullseye 15 gp

( 80’ by 10’ beam)

mace, foot 8 gp
mirror, metal 11 gp
, silver 25 gp

oil, lantern 6 cp/pint
, monster burn 2 gp/pint

pole, 10’ 1 sp

pouch, belt, large 1 gp

( half a cubic foot)
, scrolls 20 gp

(can hold 12 scrolls)
, vials 7 gp

( can hold 10 potion vials)

quiver, 12 arrow 10 sp
, 30 arrow 12 gp ( only has 3 of them)

quarrels, light crossbow 20 for 16 silver

ration, iron 5 gp

( good for 1 week)

robe 8 sp
rope, 50’ × 7/16 inch 8 sp

(usable for non-technical climbing)

sack, large 1 sp
scimitar 10 gp
sling 10 sp
, bullets, lead 20/12 sp
, rocks free or 20 for 3 sp

( free means your character looks for them on the ground.)

staff 5 sp
sword, long 12 gp
, short 9 gp

thieve’s picks and tools 30 gp

tinder box 2 gp

( metal box, tinder, flint and steel for fire starting)

torch 2 cp each

waterskin, 2 quart 14 sp

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