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My old Crestar maps, with a few new maps

"Welcome to my old Crest of a Star; these maps and other graphics are only for playing D&D type games. They are copyright and not to be used for other purposes. If you have them on your site, please remove them. Thank you."

"My maps are free. If you purchased them, you got scammed."
"Not for redistribution or resale. Hyperlinking from Pinterest or other such share sites is prohibited."


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Old Crestar, site of my old 1e AD&D adventures


Mainly CC2Pro maps with a few Campaign Cartographer 3 maps.

The surface, Southern Hemisphere, will be maps that are 185 miles wide by 234 miles tall. All 1330 maps are posted.

Dwarf Home levels 01 and 02 are posted.

I found some older maps,of various parts of Crestar. I’ll add those in as I have time.

The Dwarf Home zip downloads for all levels, except level 3, are on this site.

Some maps will be fixed up to CC3+ standards.

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