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level 5 rooms Sraa Keep


Sraa Keep level 5, Trillolara

Room 61) 20’ × 70’ Leather Workers’ room

4 fire beetles Table NW ( northwest) corner: 4’ × 6’ × 4’
a few small leather worker tools and scraps of leather
Table SW ( southwest) corner: 4’ × 6’ × 4’
a few small leather worker tools and scraps of leather
Shelf, north wall: parchment sheets in common, how to sew boots properly rest are empty
Shelf, south wall: empty
Levers: North wall: 2 levers centered 2 feet apart
moving them up or down opens East secret door
When the East secret door is opened: the 3 monsters
will charge in the direction of the arrow marked on the map.
East wall: 2 Magic missiles, (2d4+2) per person moving levers 3 levers 2 feet apart

Room 62) 30’ × 50’ × 18’ Smithy ( 27,000 cubic feet)

3 Su-monsters
Chest: 4’ × 8’ × 4’ trapped: needles in the lock: 1d4 hp, and SR vs. poison
Long sword +2 NG ( non-good, non-neutral take 2d6 +7 hp)
Scroll in a bone tube: Cleric written at 17th level:
1) Symbol, 2) Symbol, 3) Holy Word, 4) Symbol, 5) Regenerate
6) Restoration, 7) Regenerate
5,700 sp; 50 pp
anvil, forge, bellows, shelves and iron bars in east end of room

Room 63) 60’ × 100’ 12’ ( 72,000 cubic feet) Wizard’s Lab ( and trap)

West wall: illusion: noticable by touch, anyone who puts head or arms through
to find out what is on other side will be drawn all the way
through into room 68. Wall becomes one-way to anyone who goes into room 68
to exit room 63, operate the bellows on the side of the fire pit.
Fire Pit south wall: 4’ radius, 3’ thick walls
bellows left side 4’ long, cauldron on other side is 3’ in diameter
Stone slabs near east wall: 10’ × 10’ × 4’ high
south slab: balance and weights, 2 pewter candlesticks, 3 porcelain crucibles,
5 glass flasks, hourglass, 3 iron ladles, mortar and pestle,
elf skull, 6 glass beakers
north slab: 6 glass prisms, 5 incense burners, 10 dark glass jars, 3 empty glass vials
Shelves north wall: start 3’ from floor ( 3 shelves 100’ long, 2’ deep, 6’ high)
jars are 14 inches tall, 2-5 inches in diameter, wooden stoppers
to determine what the characters find:
roll 1d4: if the result is a 1 or 2, roll 1d20
if the result is a 3 , roll 1d12
if the result is a 4 , roll 1d6
( except for the bottom shelf, west end, detailed below
         for the result on a 1d20:
           1) white sand              2) ashes             3) 5 gp worth gold dust ( 5 times max)
           4) dried halfling blood    5) coal              6) dried bees
           7) pine tree sap           8) coal              9) garlic
          10) maple tree sap         11) dried ants       12) coal
          13) a dried bat            14) elf bone powder  15) rancid white wine
          16) cinnamon               17) empty            18) halfling blood
          19) (once) Periapt of Foul Rotting  		  20) (once) Periapt of Proof vs. Poison

         for the result on a 1d12:
           1) dried flies      2) crushed quartz       3) vegetable oil
           4) pepper           5) red sand             6) graphite
           7) mushroom powder  8) dragon dung          9) crushed pumice
          10) crushed marble  11) pepper              12) dwarf blood

         for the result on a 1d6:
           1) dried ants      2) dog dung       3) sulphur
           4) Pearl of Power for Magic-User one-7th level spell (twice)
           5) cloves          6) catnip
bottom shelf, west end, first 10’ of shelf: Belt of Fem/Masc. ( cursed item)
Belt of Giant Strength ( Cloud ) Metal Gauntlets of Fumbling
Northwest corner is a chest: trapped: if trap not located or removed,
opening chest triggers a 100 pound rock slab to fall to the floor. Causing
4d6 hp of damage chest contains 5,000 gp; 2,000 sp
Head Knocker traps: activate when someone comes within 5 feet of the small circled areas
roll 1d10, if result is a 2 or 5, there is a 50 percent chance it
will drop to the floor from the ceiling.
damage: 1d6 with if person is wearing a helm
2d6 without a helm
After 15 minutes in the room:
a 2’ across granite pillar with a steel bar inside appears at the areas
marked in a partial square blocking the exit door.
If anyone states something to the affect that this now looks like a trap,
or the characters attempt to leave:
all of the blue marked pillars appear and block the exit.
When all of the pillars are in place, an 8-headed hydra appears at the
orange oval marked with the number 8.


After 20 more minutes, a 10-headed hydra appears in the area marked.
The pillars wont stop either hydra, but the hydras will act like they are
puzzled by the pillars and wont attempt to pass thru them.
Strazl set all of this up so the hydra would just walk around like the pillars
are not there…

Room 64) 20’ × 50’ × 15’ fake Treasure room and no fog ! (15,000)

A wish must be used to rid anyone who gets a cursed item from this room as their
treasure share. Strazl doesn’t like those who take his monies.
17 chests: 6’ × 4’ × 2’
1 trunk: 8’ × 4’ × 3’
5 coffers: 4’ × 4’ × 2’
      trunk: locked:
        Plate Mail +2 for elf or half-elf ( normal fires within 10' sputter and go out,
                      larger fires cut in half brilliance and heat; lava and dragon
                      breath not affected; Magic-User Flame Strike -1 hp/die;
                      Druid/Magic-User Fire Trap only 75 percent damage;
                      Druid/Magic-User Wall of Fire -1 hp/die; Druid Fire Storm -1 hp/die. )
        5,000 cp; 10,000 sp; 2,000 pp
chest: locked and trapped with Sleep gas ( SR vs. poison or sleep for 1 year, Wish will cancel) 15’ radius
2 jars Sweet water potion; 5,000 cp; forty 100 gp gems; ten 10 gp gems; 1,000 sp
chest: unlocked, but loudly worrying about a trap etc, and it will lock then one Magic Missle, if chest opened, to a random character
10,000 cp; covers ten 1,000 gp gems; ivory scroll tube with a scroll of Cleric spells: 1) Cure Serious Wounds, 2) Divination, 3) Exorcise, 4) Cure Serious Wounds, 5) Neutralize Poison, 6) Cure Serious Wounds a brown ceramic scroll tube containing a scroll of Protection from Earth Elementals
including Xorn chest: unlocked
         5,000 cp; 1,000 sp
         Long sword +2 Lawful Good ( Dragon Slayer +4 vs. true dragons.
            Triple damage vs. copper dragons) When a copper dragon is within
            10 miles distance, the owner/user glows a bright green at the level
            of torchlight.
         metal jar: potion copper dragon control; ceramic jar: potion human control, human

      chest: no lock: trapped with Fire Trap 5’ radius SR vs. magic 1d4 +23 hp
                        only 50 percent chance of normal chances to detect,
                        failure to remove activates trap.

        7,000 pp; Rod of Resurrection ( command word is ‘Wake up ‘!) 47 charges,
                    changes cleric’s gender to opposite. Rod is 3’ long, 0.75 inches
                    in diameter, in a leather case. Rod is made of ivory. Can only
                    be used once per day.

      chest: no lock, no trap
         6,000 sp which cover; 7,000 cp

      chest: locked:
         1,000 sp cover 10,000 cp

      chest: locked

        ivory scroll tube: Druid: Hold Plant
        ivory scroll tube: Magic-User: 1) Monster Summoning III, 2) Passwall,
               3) Feeblemind, 4) Mordenkainen’s Faithful hound
        7,000 cp covers; ten 500 gp gems; twenty 50 gp gems
Coffer: locked
jar: potion invisibility ( its green in color)
Coffer: locked
bone scroll tube: Magic-User: Wizard Lock, 2) Magic Mouth;
3) Detect Invisibility
potion jar: healing ( color is pink with blue streaks)
2,000 cp cover: 2,000 sp
Coffer: unlocked
10 rings which all detect as magic, some have a blue-tinge to them,
others have orange, green, pink, or gray. None are actually magical.
Coffer: unlocked
         potion jar: Frost Giant Control ( ice blue in color)
            ( cursed: when ever a member of the opposite gender stands within
                      3' of the owner of this potion, the owner will itch.
                      If the person stands within 3' for longer than 5 minutes,
                      the owner will start to twitch uncontrollably. )
                      drinker: grows a light fur over entire body in one week.
                               but gets +1 SR vs cold, -1 SR vs. fire attacks
        3,000 cp; 3,000 sp
Gee alot of treasure for a ‘fake’ treasure room. But note its mostly copper and silver pieces. And it makes a nice ‘false trail’ situation.

Room 65) 60’ × 30’ × 15’

huge arrow painted on the floor ( doesn’t mean anything…) 4 gargoyles

Room 66) 24’ × 40’ Gilded Walls Room

5 Gargoyles
The walls appear to be gold-plated, but they are actually lead. This will not be noticed until the pieces cut off are taken to the surface.

Room 67) 12’ × 70’

large blue arrow on floor points right at the secret door 8 hobgoblins
chest: locked
100 gp

Room 68) 60’ × 20’ × 18’ Strazl Deathclaw’s bedroom and library

room 68 bookshelves East wall is a one-way illusion wall from room 63. Can’t be affected by spells as it is totally inert. The only way back is by breaking a hole in the wall. Will take 150 hp by blunt weapons to break through. If the characters take longer than 30 minutes to get out, a 10 headed hydra appears in the room.
South wall: 6’ × 6’ toilet
West wall: book, scroll, papers on shelves B, C, and D
Clothes closet A.
7 old rotted cloaks, 2 are covered by illusion to appear the same as the others.
50% chance to pick either after Detect Illusion is used.
1. Cloak of Poison
2. Cloak of Elvenkind
Northwest corner: Strazl’s ornate wooden bed, 6’ × 10’ with a fine
cloth canopy. Bed glows a greenish-purple. Touch causes 1d6 hp, poison SR at -1
Wooden night stand: 3’ high x 18” diameter
on top of it is a gold candle stick. ( gold plated lead worth 5 gp)
but looks like its worth 1,000 gp. Candle stick has 3 feet in the shape of
the letter T. A wall slot is shaped the same way as the feet. The hole in the
wall is outlined in white paint.
if foot is inserted in hole:
Foot A: 5d6 explosion in a 10’ radius, no SR
Foot B: 10d6 + 10 hp Delayed Fireball covers entire room, SR 1/2 damage.
Foot C: candlestick stays on wall, cannot be removed.
Magic Mouth: [ all these lines spoken ]
“So, you think you will get out alive !
ha, ha, ha !
Take what you will, if you can.”
All persons in rooms 63 and 68 are now teleported to room 64. All torches go out. After 30 minutes in room 64, an 8-headed hydra appears in room 64.

Room 69) 10’ × 40’

3 trolls one-way door into room: Knock to exit
small chest: locked
75 pp

Room 70) 10’ × 50’

south secret door: push from south, use pull handle for north, or Knock 2 levers, one each side of alcove, levers are centered. 1’ long horizontal slot, levers are centered. left lever: moving it teleports group to alcove on south side of room and levers disappear
right lever: moving it causes 2 gargoyles to be teleported into the center of the group
North secret door: open in either direction by elf or half-elf touch, or Knock

Room 71) 20’ × 10’ empty

North secret door: Knock or dwarf touch South secret door: see room 70 description

Room 72) 10’ × 20’ × 15’

Gelatinous cube ( east end of room) 20 cp, 8 sp, 10 ep, 8 gp, 5 pp West secret door: Knock to go in or out, door radiates magic
door is 7’ tall x 10’ wide by 4 inches thick
North secret door: needs Ring of Free action to open, or Dispel Magic

Room 73) 10’ × 50’

any rolled number to listen will hear Ogre laughter Secret door: south wall, west end: push up on a 1 or 2 in d6
Secret door: south wall, east end: found only by non-human, opens by gnome, dwarf, elf touch

Room 74) 20’ × 10’

2 wights
defeat the wights and the south door opens automatically.

Room 75) 20’ × 10’

South secret door: Knock from south, pull ring on north side

Room 76) 40’ × 10’

Gray Ooze Wall, marked ‘illusional wall’ on map, will feel like a dry sponge
Detect Illusion will show it for what it is.
Dispel Illusion or Dispel Magic will remove it.

Room 77) 20’ × 10’

Room 88) 10’ × 10’

South secret door: need Detect Illusion to find, Its Wizard Locked Knock or Dispel Magic
North secret door: push right

Room 89) 10’ × 20’

5 Kobold/Werewolves ( my own invention: these are Kobolds that can turn into Werewolves) [ I’ll add the info to the web site later.]
West secret door: push up to exit
East secret door: push in centers

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