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level 3 rooms Sraa Keep


Sraa Keep level 3, Trillolara

Room 33)

stairs, number 6, trapped: overhead are 100 spear heads about 8.5’ up held by thin cords of string.
third person on stairs will trigger the dropping of the spear heads
1d4 hp each, 5 or better to hit
( leads to level 4 room 86 Dead End unless passage found) stairs, number 7, trapped: dead end. If all of the group goes down the stairs, a wooden plate closes the top off. ( leads to level 4 room 79 Dead End) stairs, number 8, trapped: fifth and sixth character to go down the steps gets 2d4 electrical damage. SR vs. electrical damage for 1/2 damage. ( leads to level 4 hallway and room 52 and most of level 4) stairs, number 9, safer than the others in this room only non-trapped stairs in this room ( leads to level 4 room 53 and connects to stairs 11 for other levels of Sraa Keep)

Room 34) 40’ × 50’

frescoe on west wall shows Strazl torturing someone/something but that part
is missing. ( He is smiling, there is a brazier of burning coal and
metal rods are heating in the brazier.)
7 Gnolls have been trying to get the chest open
Chest: 6’ × 3’ × 2’ high, locked
Long sword +2/+4 vs. True Dragons vs. Red Dragons get triple damage
Neutral Good aligned sword
400 pp

Room 35) 50’ × 40’ × 15’ ( 30,000)

five 4’ × 6’ × 3’ coffins
five 4’ × 8’ × 4’ coffins all 10 are empty
9 Ghouls stairs, number 5, goes up to level 2 room 22

Room 36) 10’ × 40’ Storeroom

1 barrel: 3’ diameter X 4’ high, wood South wall directly opposite of door:
a sword is projecting out for the wall, point first, about 4” of blade.
human blood on the sword

Room 37) 10’ × 40’ alcove

trapped: darts fire at any crossing movement.
1 dart per NPC; 3 darts per PC.
1d6 hp per dart. SR vs. poison +4 for any hit.
will hit on 1-9 in 20

Room 38) 30’ × 60’ × 15’ Fountain Room

the 2 fountains are non-magical North wall, a spear point projects from the wall,
with a bit of chain mail on the point
( about 6.5 feet above the floor)
dried blood on it, spear point is very rusty.
Anyt attempt to remove it and it shatters and falls apart.

Room 39) 20’ × 40’ empty except for barrel

barrel in Northeast corner:
2’ diameter x 3’ high
full of lead, takes 2 characters of S16 or more to move it.
behind it is a secret door.

Room 40) 40’ × 40’ × 15’ ( 24,000)

2 giant lizards

Room 41) 30’ × 20’

a pile of human bones in the center of the room

Room 42) 40’ × 60’ rotting flesh smell

Room 43) 10’ × 10’

Dryad in stasis, captured by Strazl, from woods north of Sraa Keep If PC attack, the PC takes 5 hp and the Dryad disappears. If they don’t attack, she thanks them for releasing her and she says
“here is your reward” and she vanishes.
The sack contains: 10 pp and a Ring of Protection +3

Room 44) 40’ × 20’ Auxillary Burial Room

4 coffins: 2’ × 6’ × 4’ empty
2 coffins: 2’ × 6’ × 2’ a cleric will recognize the bones in them as
halfling bones.
3 Ghouls

Room 45) 20’ × 60’

The entire north wall is covered by an abstract ceramic fresco
of red, yellow, green, blue, and violet tiles. The colors will
appear to swirl to any PC Intelligence 16 or less. SR vs. paralyzation
Unless blocked from seeing it, the affected character will
continue to look at it for 3 melee rounds. The PC
will be hypnotized for a week, must be led, wont fight.
Cure Disease to remove.

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