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level 2 rooms Sraa Keep


Sraa Keep level 2, Trillolara

Room 17) 40’ × 40’ × 12’

Owlbear South Secret door: 1 lever both sides of door, both are down. Both must be up for door to open. Stairs, number 4, goes down to level 3 hallway to room 40

Room 18) 30’ × 70’

Stag Beetle fresco on north wall glows slightly, a pale blue. Its a picture of 10 barbarians bowing to a magic-user

Room 19) 50’ × 60’ barracks

32 bunks, 1 row of bunks between Ogres and the door.
They are cooking their food.
Their laughter can be heard from the stairs in room 20. 2 Ogres ( Graz has 70 gp and Raglt has 50 gp) in a bunk in the southeast corner is a rotting blanket, under the blanket is 350 pp

Room 20) 30’ × 50’

about 5-6 dwarf and elf bones stairs, number 2, go up to level 1 room 10

Room 21) 30’ × 20’ Guard Room

broken spears, slashed water skin, leather glove ( all too large for human use)

Room 22) 30’ × 20’

3 ghouls stairs, number 5, only connect to third level room 35 This room, unless the characters dig or use a spell, is not otherwise accessible from level 2.

Room 23) 40’ × 30’

broken sword blade, no handle/grip

Room 24) 70’ × 40’

6 ghouls due to the Evil here, cannot be turned.

Room 25) 50’ × 30’ Fountain room

entrance to room is an illusional wall first drink will be detriment ( I used a magazine article for magic fountain generation.) 30’ diameter center bowl has a red glow. center bowl is 6’ high if non-good touch: 1d4 hp ( Any alignment without Good as part of the title would be considered non-good for the purposes of this encounter. )
if good touch: glow vanishes and Ring of Fire resistance will be found 20 percent chance to fall due to slipperiness; 1d4 hp chest south end of room:
trap: any on this side of fountain take d4+1 hp when it is opened.
inside is 20 pp

Room 26) 30’ × 70’ × 15’ (32,850 cubic feet)

Secret door to room 32: depressions in west wall: 2” across, 6” apart, 3” deep.
They start at 1 foot from the floor in a pattern of 10 depresisons up,
and 10 depressions across. Numbered, in elf runes, across the top A to J,
and down left side 1 to 10. a finger pushing on A3 opens secret door to room 32.
a finger pushing on A1 open North door to room 87.
a finger pushing on D6 opens secret door to room 27.
a finger pushing on G9 opens secret door to rooms 18, 23, 24, 25.
All other depressions, 1-5 in 20, gives 2 hp damage.

Room 27) 10’ × 10’

east secret door: opens when all PCs are inside room, or Knock

Room 28) 10’ × 10’

North door: one way to room 29. If opened, will close in 1 hour, not findable from room 29. Can push open door going from room 28 to room 29. word ‘push’ in common on room 28 side of door.

Room 29) 20’ × 40’


Room 30) 20’ × 20’


Room 31) 90’ × 30’ Fountain room

after 5 minutes in room, grating noises are heard from below
( like stone on stone)
Fountain: 20’ radius in NW corner ( I used magic fountain tables from a magazine) North door: wood with iron bands.

Room 32) 10’ × 10’

small water puddle on floor. South secret door: push North secret door: push

Room 87) 10’ × 10’ metallic smell in room

South secret door: Knock
North secret door: push up

Room 95) 40’ × 10’

south door is one-way into room 20, or Knock West wall is slimy

Room 96) 10’ × 60’

halfling bones on floor Gargoyle

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