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Khilla Keep Map 15 and info


Corridors are 10 feet high

Room 209) 50’ × 20’ × 10’

dusty, no footprints

Room 210) 30’ × 100’ × 50’ ( 150,000 cubic feet)

6 Trolls extra strength from an article in Dragon magazine

Room 211) 60’ × 120’ × 60’ ( minus stairs 349,000 cubic feet) (water is 381,720 cubic feet)

3 water weirds

water is clear

fake treasure chest on platform has 100 gp in it.

Its a trap: a wire goes from the back of the chest to the wall
behind it. If the chest is moved or the wires cut, a stone cover
will move aside behind the chest. After 5 minutes water will start
down the revealed tunnel at 40-50 miles per hour and rush out
into this room. Anyone or anything on the platform will be
knocked off into the water.

The room will fill up to within 10 feet of the door.
I gave a small percentage change the wire was partially mithral, about 6 inches of it. Very rare in my game world. The player characters got paid 5,000 pp for it.
Secret door: Knock

On the bottom of the room:
3 elf-size chain mail +2; 2 human size plate +3;
Long sword +3 LG ( I14 Ego 7), Detect Slope in Passage 1” radius,
Detect precious metals kind amount 2” radius, Speaks LG
Gold Dragon Lammaesu and Common.
Bastard Sword +5 Holy Avenger LG
Bucknard’s Everful purse type 3; Ring of Invisibility; Ring of
Protection +3 (AC and SR); Gnome splint +3; Leather +3;
Foot soldier’s mace +2; Bag of Holding type 2; War hammer +4;
Dagger +2/+3 vs. cold-using creatures; Periapt of Balancing;
Ring of Infravision;

1,700 pp; 3,000 gp; 5,000 sp;
4,000 ep; ten 50 gp gems; nine 100 gp gems; eight 500 gp gems;
seven 1,000 gp gems

Room 212) 110’ × 20’ × 20’ – 20’ × 10’ × 20’ (48,000)

Secret door:
from west: 2 Knocks
from East: push anywhere on door

Room 213) 20’ × 10’ × 20’

Trolls in room 210 toss some of their victims and all non-edible items
into the water. Secret door: push left

Room 214) 30’ × 20’ × 10’ time stasis room

7 Owlbears Secret door: push left

Khilla Keep Map 15, Trillolara

Khilla Keep Map 15, Trillolara, large side view on large Map 15 page above.

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