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Khilla Keep Map 14 and info


Corridors are 10 feet high

Room 135) 30’ × 40’ × 10’

7 Owlbears North secret door: barred/blocked from the other side.

Room 136) 10’ × 10’ × 80’

voice triggered trap: any entrance by creatures from the south will cause spears
to drop from the ceiling. 2d8 +12 hp each due to height ( 10 spears) Secret doors: Knock

Room 137) 40’ × 40’ × 7’ (11,200)

Crypt Thing (Fiend Folio)
Will turn up to half of the party invisible, then it will vanish Sits in an elaborately carved ebony chair (9,850 gp) ( 2000 gp weight) Spiral carved columns to either side of a style common 200 years ago. Columns are alabaster ( 9,346 gp wt each: worth 5,000 – 20,000 gp depending on condition Tapestry north wall: 7’ high x 20’ long ( weighs 4,500 gp wt) platinum, electrum, gold, and silver threads depicting a stylized dragon, worth 11,000 gp. The two gem eyes of the dragon are worth 1,200 gp each

Room 138) 20’ × 20’ × 10’

3 Owlbears

Room 139) approx: 80’ × 100’ × 30’ at center Cave

invisible heavy crossbows: when someone talks, the closest crossbow to that person glows and aims at the talker. A change to a different character as the talker, changes the character being aimed at. Crossbows fire if a character gets within 10’ of it. Each can fire 5 times, once per round. small and man-sized: d4+5 hp hit as 5th level fighter Can only be destroyed by magic fire, magic cold, or magic weapons Attacking a crossbow also causes it to fire.

Room 140) 30’ × 20’ × 90’

entire room floor is a pressure plate ( triggered by 700 pounds) releases a weight from ceiling, perforated so no air compression occurs has steel spears on it. 3d6 +10 hp to each victim

Room 141) 40’ × 30’ × 20’

chest: 6’ × 6’ × 4’
wires leading to ceiling, if broken releases a gas of poison, save at -4, fills room, dissipates in 2 days Scroll protected with Explosive Runes: Wish

Khilla Keep Map 14, Trillolara

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