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information, Level 01, Dwarf Home


It is possible the first and second level are not originally part of Dwarf Home, but were added to it later on.

The square area of level 1 is: 540 feet by 720 feet = 388,800 square feet. Thats the size of outermost wall ( north-south) to outermost wall ( east-west) of
the level. Its one of the smaller levels.

Unless I specifically state otherwise in the room descriptions, the corridors on level one are 10 feet high.

all maps done; 9 maps, 120 rooms

Level 1 room information. This level starts on the middle of the side on map A0.

This level’s maps are: A 1, A0, A -1, B 1, B0, B -1, C 1, C0, and C -1.

There are various forces in the dungeons that place skeletons, other undead, tell bandits where a space is cleared for them, etc.

Note that inspection of down and updraft areas in Dwarf Home will result in the characters finding thousands and thousands of very tiny holes.

That’s where the air flow is coming from/going to. Doesn’t that seem to be beyond the typical tech level for this type of epoch ? It is, way beyond…

Here is the list of things the x-numbers stand for on the maps.

For level one

x-1 broken rusted dagger
x-2 torch stub
x-3 metallic smell ( like vaporized metal)
x-4 food scraps ( gnawed bones and torn cloth pieces)
x-5 manure smell, 2-3 gnawed human bones
x-6 candle stub
x-7 tinkling of wind chimes, cold ashes by North wall
x-8 pile of rotted rags
x-9 broken pick handle
x-10 wax drippings
x-11 slight down draft, walls are damp
x-12 rusted spike
x-13 torn cloth sack
x-14 humming above, animal scratching sound by South wall
x-15 bent rusted iron bar
x-16 splintered club
x-17 dried blood
x-18 dusty air, dusty floor, footprints man-sized
x-19 faint laughter, broken bottle, smell of cheap whiskey
x-20 common fungi
x-21 straw
x-22 stale air
x-23 broken sack, can see 2 pp, rest is 50 cp
x-24 updraft, warm
x-25 torn sack
x-26 stale fetid air
x-27 whispering
x-28 slithering
x-29 blue cloud, has no affects
x-30 rotted furniture
x-31 broken mace
x-32 broken bow
x-33 cut and torn leather boot, dwarf size
x-34 broken shield, large
x-35 crushed helm, dwarf
x-36 dank moldy smell
x-37 a hacked dead elf body
x-38 pottery shards
x-39 smell of apricots
x-40 gnawed bones (5)
x-41 still cold air
x-42 5 dented helms
x-43 sword blade sticking out of floor
x-44 smoke
x-45 a hastely put out fire
x-46 recently dead ( 3-5 hours) kobold
x-47 stale smell
x-48 cold air
x-49 a dead orc
x-50 broken glass
x-51 dried blood, larger area
x-52 manure
x-53 rotted flesh smell
x-54 broken short sword

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