Since this site will contain my old CC2Pro, with a few CC3, maps, they won’t be updated unless I find some errors. I will probably add detail where there was none. Some maps have added structures, etc.

Note that some maps contradict each other. One shows The Great Erg, another doesn’t. Which one you use in your game sessions is up to you. Think of it as NPC cartographers making mistakes, or they were handed maps by travelers differing in details.

And South is at the top of the maps.

There are 14 world all html files that will show the maps in an easily viewable format so you can see which nation is next to which one. These are in the navigation menus at the top of each article page.

Where my players gamed was on World all page 11.

Question: What are the large black Xs on these maps ?

Answer: They are locations for possible portals, to get across the continent quicker than foot, mount, or wagon travel. They may or may not work. There aren’t very many of them.

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