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Where the current Dwarf King lives, on the edge of The Great Open. It is between Trillolara and the Land of Strife. The later is in an intense civil war between 2 evil brothers. One is Lawful Evil, the other is Chaotic Evil.

Dwarf Home is a few days away. It was the home of the Dwarf King, but it was invaded many years ago and the Dwarves fled or died.

The city is a city of exile.

Adventurers are told of the ruins below ground. They can keep any treasures they find, with the exceptioon of certain Heirloom items, which must be turned over to the Dwarves in Dwarfbas. The Hill Dwarves nearer Dwarf Home are looking for these same Heirloom items.

Since I have moved Dwarfbas over to the Sea of Ghanuu, Seaport part of the map has been added.

Dwarfbas shop list and areas adventurers are allowed to go to.

1) barracks, city guard
2) gatehouse, road to Dwarf Home
3) Lori’s Adventurers’ Shop
4) Lori’s residence
5) Speckled Trout Inn
6) Speckled Trout Stables 2 buildings

7) shoe and leather armor repair
8 ) The Questor’s Temple
9) Questor’s quarters
10) Questor’s barracks
11) Open air market
12) guard-for-hire

13) magic supplies; lounge area reserved for spell casters
14) bank
15)) money changer
16) tax collector
17) scribes’ hall
18) Amazon Hall

19) Tavern of the Blue Fish
20) warehouse
21) barracks, city guard
22) Bitt’s and Sandy’s laundry service
23) Green Guild messengers
24) Library ( 7 floors )

25) horse market
26) bowyer
26a) arrow targets
27) fletcher
28) Snow Goose Inn ( open seasonaly )
28a) Snow Goose Stables ( open seasonaly )

29) fighters’ school and practice yard
30) Paladins’ school
31) Illusionists’ school
32) Magic-user school
33) Forgno’s gem cutting
34) lens grinder/telescope maker

35) interpreters
36) weaponeer
37) swordsmith
38) piers, 200 feet long
39) ship storage buildings
40) wagon drivers

41) retired adventurers

Roses Street are the homes of hand crafters.
Mystery Road are the homes of spell casters who help adventurers.
Great Land Road is used by adventurers who have just arrived in the harbor.

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