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Cedarlair, Dank Forest


1) Joel’s General Store and Stables
2) public fountain and park
3) boarding house with some rooms for travelers
4) barracks for militia and military
5) public ponds and wells
6) watering troughs for horses or mules
7) keep
8 ) shops
9)Merchant houses
( not all are in use)
10) Sage
11) tax collector

Gate at B1: West gate

Gate at F10: East Gate

Gray buildings are barracks for militia or military. Light green buildings are for merchants. Purple buildings, except the circular one, are for town leaders or wealthy merchants. There are ponds and horse troughs around the town. The very small squares are small guard towers. That is a cobblestone footpath connecting the square towers, not a wall.

The town walls are near the map border, and have round towers on them.

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