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"Welcome to my old Crest of a Star; these maps and other graphics are only for playing D&D type games. They are copyright and not to be used for other purposes. If you have them on your site, please remove them. Thank you."

"My maps are free. If you purchased them, you got scammed."
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Mainly CC2Pro maps with a few Campaign Cartographer 3 maps.

The surface, Southern Hemisphere, will be maps that are 185 miles wide by 234 miles tall. All 1330 maps are posted.

I found some older maps,of various parts of Crestar. I’ll add those in as I have time.

Dwarf Home, currently in its own sub-domain, will be moved over here. Eventually.

The Dwarf Home zip downloads for all levels, except level 3, are on this site.

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July, 2022

July 14

Fixed the navigation menus.

Jul 12

Updated the FAQ page.

October, 2021

Oct 24

Updated the FAQ, and adding a few articles and maps for more details. Added navigation links on all Sraa Keep articles.

Oct 20

Sraa Keep, Trillollara has been added. Navigation menus not updated yet.

Oct 17

World all 13 is complete. All 1331 surface maps are uploaded. The number 1501 was incorrect.

World all 13 is in progress. All surface maps have been uploaded and added in via articles. The borders on world all 13 are incorrect or not drawn yet on rows P through R.

Oct 16

World all 14 is completed, navigation menus updated. I have to draw more maps, so 13 isn’t done yet.

Oct 15

Working on World all 14. I’ll finish it up in a few days.

Oct 11

World all 12 is complete. I never completed world all page maps 13 and 14. There are about 20 to 25 maps to be made.

Working on World all 12.

Oct 9

Added a sketch map of the southern hemisphere. The page linked to has links to a number of nations and locations.

September, 2021

Sept 30

World all 11 completed, that leaves 3 world all pages left to go.

Working on world all 11

Sept 28

Added Downloads, Dwarf Home page. Fixed the Brillar map to better show the older version. Added a Brillar area map. Dank Forest navigaiton menus updated.

September 27

I am working on adding Dwarf Home over here. This will be a slow process until after I get the surface maps all done and uploaded, posted, etc..

Sept 26


Uploading World all 10. That leaves for more world all pages left.

Sept 24

Still working on world all 10.

Sept 23

Working on world all 10.

Sept 21

Added Khilla Keep in Trillolara. 15 rooms, a bit difficult for characters to finish.

Added a Downloads, Adventure page. Added a page of information for Nomads, i.e. Barbarians in UA.

Added a downloads page of generic castles, towns, and villages in png and jpg. Updated the navigation menus.

Sept 20

Added Trillusion dungeon in Teslarc. Starting areas page has links to all 3 starting nations.

Sept 19

Completed some links to starting areas and adventures. Added to all navigation menus.

I will have to look up the older maps that go with the theme of this site.

Adding links to the main navigation so it is easier to find Adventures.

Sept 18

Completed. All navigation menus have been updated.

Working on adding the maps for the Starting Nations.

Sept 17

World all 09 is complete. Part of the Northern Island Group is now available.

Working on world all 9 html page.

Sept 16

Finished world all 08. Navigation menus and html pages uploaded/updated.

Sept 15

Working on world all 8.

Sept 14

Currently adding in more rows and columns, working on world all 7.

Added the seaport of Sea Star city.

Sep 11

Star and Spill Islands of Tantalow’s Island Group have been added.

Added Tantalow’s Island Group; maps, history, population, resources, geography.

Sept 10

Part way done on world all 7.

Added IvanMike’s DM screen. A sometime poster to Dragon’s foot.

Sept 9

Wordall 06 completed. Site navigation menus updated.

Currently working on World all 06.

Sept 8

Added the color chart for surface maps.


I am currently working on World All 05 page

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A small nation next to Splash Lake. The capital is Gronash.

They know about Trono, but trade is difficult due to the land attacks from orcs and bugbears.

Two small forests, a small wooded area. The rest of this small nation has trees here and there, but nothing to make it easy for attackers to hide behind.

Few thieves live here. Most have been killed off when a small number were found to be working with Orcs to harm people here. The Shorelans decided to not take any more chances and dealt a death blow to anyone with thief skills.

The few remaining thieves are part of the local army, and must carry documents proving this with them at all times.

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This is a 2000 pixel wide jpg ‘sketch’ map of the Southern Hemisphere. The starting areas for my game world.

I wanted to change hemispheres for my players, and North at the bottom, so they would realize Crestar isn’t a parallel Earth.

The continent is named Belshar.

Nation links:

Burlan, City-State | Dank Forest | Dukedom of Fortuity | Dukedom of Martyrs | empty lands | Free City of Bluening | Gashtra | Inner Ocean | Isle of Fools | Kingdom of Ladtodquill | Outer Ocean | Plains of Dareth | The Great Open | Trillolara | Trono| Wildlands

Note that the ‘Inner Passage’ is a mistake that the mappers on Crestar made.

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I’ll be uploading, and some cleanup, of my Crestar maps from 9 years ago.

There will be articles of single maps, with links to html pages that will show them together in a cohesive manner.

I use png files so folks can download them and use them on table top printouts, or a VTT. I feel any other method wouldn’t work.

Making all maps available, the html will take a long time to edit, will probably be done sometime in 2022 or 2023.

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